2013 ORC Organic Producers’ Conference: Making producer-led innovation a reality


ORC’s annual Organic Producers’ Conference is the event where organic and other producers interested in ecological approaches to sustainable food production come together with researchers and advisers to share ideas on making agriculture perform better, for businesses and society

This year, with innovation the buzz word, the conference challenges the idea that technological innovation is only about patentable products such as GM crops and high tech inputs. Innovation is also about how the organic sector works with ecological knowledge to design self-reliant production systems, less dependent on external inputs and more resilient to shocks when the availability of those inputs is restricted.

The ORC challenges the notion that valid research is only carried out in academic ivory towers and large corporations. there is huge potential in supporting producers to explore their own creative ideas, through a participatory approach to innovation, where researchers and advisers facilitate rather than dominate the process.

This conference provides the opportunity to hear about and debate new ideas that are already being investigated, as well as to get together with like-minded people to develop new ideas for projects to help you move forward.

To download the conference brochure click here http://www.organicresearchcentre.com/?i=events.php&event_id=224

Editor2013 ORC Organic Producers’ Conference: Making producer-led innovation a reality